Valerie Hough

Hi my name is Valerie Hough. I have two boys, a four year old, Dean and a 2 year old, Devin, along with two dogs, Mugsvans and Skull and they are both boys as well they are Brussels Griffons.
I want to welcome you to Paws Grooming Studio-I’ve been here since 2010 and absolutely love this place! Ever since my first pet I couldn’t wait to be in the animal industry! What better way to do it then styling their hair?! I was trained in the shop 1 on 1 and been in the business for 16 years now. Through the years, I’ve specialized in most breeds and can’t wait to learn and earn a new bond with you and your pet. I am available Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I book about 3 weeks in advance. Hope to see you soon!